How Much Can I Borrow?
Basic estimate of the maximum you can borrow, taking into account your monthly income and expenditure. It is always best to obtain advice from Select Financial though as this calculator does not allow for any intricacies.
  Basic Loan Repayments
Work out your weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments for any proposed loan amount and loan type.
  Extra Loan Repayments
The effect of making extra regular repayments and calculates how much interest and years you will save off your loan.
Lump Sum Repayments Calculator
The effect of making one-off lump sum repayments and calculates how much interest and years you will save off your loan.
  P & I Interest only
Compare the loan repayments between a principal and interest loan or an interest only loan.
  Split Loan Calculator
This calculates the monthly repayments for a split loan and compares the total amount of interest repaid as opposed to a variable rate loan.
Complete Loan Comparison
Compare two loans and determine which is the cheapest in total fees and interest
  How long to repay
Simple calculation of repayments resulting in loan term and overall cost of loan.
  Reverse Mortgage
Find out how much your loan will grow to be and how much you or your estate will have left after paying back the loan when the house is sold.
Stamp Duty Calculator
Work out the Stamp Duty on the purchase of property in any State in Australia.
  Income Tax Calculator
Calculate your Income Tax Liability for the current and last financial years.
  Car Lease
Calculate monthly payments and total cost based on the amount you wish to finance, the interest rate and lease term.
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